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Various seedlings that will be undergoing evaluation at the greenhouse.  In an effort to preserve the rootstock and to test it in various parts of the country, you are invited to order as many as you want.
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Seedling Section currently under reconstruction.  No orders will be accepted at this time.

Seed source: Debbie Simon

These seedlings come from my own introduction, Debbie Simon.  The seeds were collected and the plants were open pollinated.


With the exception of the Red Single (DS#1) I would grow them as bonsai.


$2 each.

Seed Source: Radiant Time

These seedlings come from Radiant Time a small yellow and red single.  The seed was collected from open pollinated plants.  No special attention was paid to them throughout the growing season, except for fertilization.


While the blooms are small, I am not sure they would be suitable for cultivation as bonsai or sprays.  More testing is required.


$2 each


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Various Seedlings

These seedlings were collected from various places around my greenhouse and the Long Island Chrysanthemum Society Demonstration garden.


VS = Volunteer Seedling

UK = Seedling Source Unknown

CDG = Cornell Demonstration Garden


$2 each

Recommend you grow as sprays.

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