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Bonsai Lessons

Bonsai, Saikei
Beginner & Advanced
Specialty Classes
Call for information about Instruction in Growing Exhibition Chrysanthemums

Beginner's Series: $150.00 per person

3 class introduction to the basics of bonsai: mechanics, design and maintenance.  Each class consists of a video presentation followed by hands on application of techniques.  Class size limited to 10 students.  Class fee includes: wire, soil and instruction.  Plant material and container are extra.

Advanced Classes: $50.00/person per class

Group instruction in the creation, maintenance, redesign and repotting of advanced style plantings: forest, Saikei, multi-tree.  Special techniques covered: layering, notching, etc. 

*Beginner series or equivalent experience required.


Chrysanthemum (Kiku) Bonsai: $ 500.00

Season long introduction into the growing of Chrysanthemum (Kiku) Bonsai.  Students will be taken through all the steps of creating a single tree planting.  Special techniques, adapted from the work of H. Carl Young, author of ‘The Art of the Chrysanthemum’ will be taught.  Special chrysanthemum cultivars, bred for use in bonsai, will be provided.  Cost of class includes: plant, wire, soil, B-9 growth retardant and instruction.  Final show container is extra.  Students will meet monthly from May through October


Saikei - Living Landscapes: $60/person

Group instruction in the design, creation and maintenance of Saikei (living Landscape) style plantings.  Soil and wire provided. 

Class cost does NOT include plants, stones or container.

Private Option


All of our classes are available in a 1 on 1 format.  Class dates and times are to be arranged between the instructor and student. Private classes are not to conflict with group instruction.



Private Beginner Series:              $500.00

Semi-Private Beginner Series:   $250.00/pp

Private Group Beginner Series: $175.00/pp

Private Advanced Class:             $ 75.00/hour

Private Saikei Class:                     $ 75.00/hour

Private Kiku Bonsai Series:         $ 750.00


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